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| Sourdough Rye  Bread
German Style" |

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| Pretzel Paradise
"Bavarian Pretzel" |

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| German Grain Rolls |

| Bavarian Pretzel Rolls |

| Chocolate Milk Rolls |

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Birgit's Cottage Bakery

Welcome to our cottage homemade bakery.
We would like to introduce our delicious German bakery products to you.


My husband and I have lived in this beautiful community for more than three years and we are happy to be here.
We are originally from Germany and this is why we would like to offer these German bakery goods to our Munds Park Community. Thank you!

...create a present

Gift Basket's

For every event or situation that you need a very special gift basket.
Fill with our homemade German Bakery Goods, Jam's and/or your special requested products.

...Delicious Homemade 

Heavenly Jam's

-Heavenly Strawberry Jam with a hint of Vanilla

-Mouth-watering Blueberry / Raspberry


-Refreshing Pineapple-Mango-Coconut

-Fresh Fruit Medley (Strawberry/Blueberry/Raspberry)

...German Style Cakes

Apple Cake with Granola crumble Topping 

This is a luscious German apple cake you wont forget. Soft and spongy inside with an apple and crunchy granola layer on the top.

Jump Start Your Day with a...

...more coming soon

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